Log Parser Input Formats

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According to the help file that is included with Log Parser, the following input formats are supported:

IIS Log File Input Formats

  • IISW3C: parses IIS log files in the W3C Extended Log File Format.
  • IIS: parses IIS log files in the Microsoft IIS Log File Format.
  • BIN: parses IIS log files in the Centralized Binary Log File Format.
  • IISODBC: returns database records from the tables logged to by IIS when configured to log in the ODBC Log Format.
  • HTTPERR: parses HTTP error log files generated by Http.sys.
  • URLSCAN: parses log files generated by the URLScan IIS filter.

Generic Text File Input Formats

  • CSV: parses comma-separated values text files.
  • TSV: parses tab-separated and space-separated values text files.
  • XML: parses XML text files.
  • W3C: parses text files in the W3C Extended Log File Format.
  • NCSA: parses web server log files in the NCSA Common, Combined, and Extended Log File Formats.
  • TEXTLINE: returns lines from generic text files.
  • TEXTWORD: returns words from generic text files.

System Information Input Formats

  • EVT: returns events from the Windows Event Log and from Event Log backup files (.evt files).
  • FS: returns information on files and directories.
  • REG: returns information on registry values.
  • ADS: returns information on Active Directory objects.

Special-purpose Input Formats

  • NETMON: parses network capture files created by NetMon.
  • ETW: parses Enterprise Tracing for Windows trace log files and live sessions.
  • COM: provides an interface to Custom Input Format COM Plugins.

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