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What is Log Parser?

Log Parser is a freeware utility from Microsoft that makes it easy to return results and generate reports from a variety of different log sources using SQL-like query syntax. Queries can be processed from either a command line by using the logparser.exe utility, or programmatically by using a COM interface that is provided through logparser.dll.

Where can you get Log Parser?

Click the following URL to download Log Parser 2.2:


How do you use Log Parser?

Log Parser consists of three components, and you use all three to generate results:

  • Input Formats that are the sources for data to process, such as text logs, system logs, etc.
  • A SQL-Like Engine Core that processes the data from the input sources, for example "SELECT * FROM ex20200101.log".
  • Output Formats that receive the processed data from the SQL engine and return results, such as text files, SQL databases, etc.

Block diagram of Log Parser's architecture.

Where can I find more information?

You can click on the links for Input Formats, SQL-Like Engine Core, and Output Formats to learn more about each of those components, or you can refer to the information in the following sections.

The Microsoft Log Parser Toolkit:

Gabriele Giuseppini, who created Log Parser, wrote a book titled Microsoft Log Parser Toolkit: A Complete Toolkit for Microsoft's Undocumented Log Analysis Tool, which is available from Amazon.com.

Microsoft Log Parser Toolkit

Some helpful Log Parser links:

See the following URLs for examples of how to use Log Parser and additional information:

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