Log Parser Output Formats

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According to the help file that is included with Log Parser, the following output formats are supported:

Generic Text File Output Formats

  • NAT: formats output records as readable tabulated columns.
  • CSV: formats output records as comma-separated values text.
  • TSV: formats output records as tab-separated or space-separated values text.
  • XML: formats output records as XML documents.
  • W3C: formats output records in the W3C Extended Log File Format.
  • TPL: formats output records following user-defined templates.
  • IIS: formats output records in the Microsoft IIS Log File Format.

Special-purpose Output Formats

  • SQL: uploads output records to a table in a SQL database.
  • SYSLOG: sends output records to a Syslog server.
  • DATAGRID: displays output records in a graphical user interface.
  • CHART: creates image files containing charts.

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