Log Parser SQL-Like Engine Core

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Log Parser's SQL engine uses syntax that should be familiar to SQL developers.
  • SELECT - Specifies the fields of the output records to be returned by the query.
  • USING - Declares aliased field-expressions that do not appear in the output records but can be referenced anywhere in the query.
  • INTO - Specifies the output format target(s) to which the query output records are to be written.
  • FROM - Specifies the input format source(s) from which the query input records are to be read.
  • WHERE - Specifies a boolean condition that must be satisfied by an input record for that record to be output.
  • GROUP BY - Specifies the groups into which output rows are to be placed and, if aggregate functions are included in the SELECT or HAVING clauses, calculates the aggregate functions values for each group.
  • HAVING - Specifies a boolean condition that must be satisfied by a group for the group record to be output.
  • ORDER BY - Specifies which SELECT clause field-expressions the query output records should be sorted by.


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